Meet “The Witty Apothecary!”

Beth Riley is a 30 year old “Pregnant With Cancer” survivor, Religious Trauma Warrior, Divorcee (also remarried, yay!), and spiritual, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse survivor.

Also an explorer of all things spritual, I guess.

Her newest goal in life is to use all the shit she’s been through to help others through their shit. She’s not perfect, and will be the first to list ALL the ways in which she’s not perfect. But through her spiritual explorations, she’s found tools, tips, and tricks that she’s ready to share with the world.

Here you’ll find her thoughts regarding life, philosophy, politics, parenting, marriage, and general health and wellness.

Eventually you’ll find her podcast, Etsy shop, and maybe even a book in the unforseen future.

To keep more up to date with Beth’s various shenanigans, be sure to check out all of her social media accounts!

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