So Here We Go…

Some of you may know me. Some of you may THINK you know me. Some of you may have seen my smiling face in random corners of the internet, talking about politics, religion, cancer, and motherhood (combined, usually). And some of you may be wondering who I am and why you care what the hell I have to say.

But I’m finally ready to tell my story formally, and in a way that I hope will help others.

I’ve been through a lot of shit, ya’ll.

I call myself the “witty apothecary” because I’m a smart ass, but I also like to help people (the snark comes free of charge, though). I’m a third degree blackbelt in dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and all kinds of fun neuroses.

Guys, I’m an absolute delight to be around.

So…here we go. This site will be the hub through which I tell my story and reach out to others. Feel free to share any content you may find here, and you’ll also find me raising hell on other platforms as well.

Stay awesome, tribe.


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